TLPD (Too Long Paths Detector) is designed to tackle the 'path name too long' issue. Windows operating systems have a path length limit of 255 characters, and it can't handle files and folders beyond that length. Unfortunately, Windows does enable you to create them, so you may end up with inaccessible files!

TLPD scans the directory tree, looking for files and folders with full path name longer than a specified threshold, and alerts the user. For system administrators, TLPD can also work in silent mode, with the results stored in a log file.

TLPD is, of course, completely portable. It's also unlimited by file system types, administrative privileges, or pre-installed software components (like .NET, Java etc.)

TLPD is hosted by sourceforge (for ReadMe file and source code), but is originally designed as a complementary product for EVACopy (a versioning-enabled portable backup program).